Bamasaaba Cultural Leader Forms Diverse 36-Member Cabinet

bamasaaba cultural leader forms diverse 36 member cabinet
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Umukuuka Jude Mike Mudoma, the Bamasaaba cultural leader, has appointed a 36-member cabinet to assist in the governance of Inzu Ya Masaaba over the next five years. The cabinet, led by Prime Minister Amb. Charles Masolo Walimbwa Peke, includes two deputies, Clet Wanduyi and Damiano Wamimbi.

In consultations leading to the formation of the cabinet, Umukuuka emphasized diversity, resulting in the inclusion of three women. Notable appointments include Vincent Waboya as the Minister of Disaster and Emergency Management, Sam Kuloba as the Minister of Education and Sports, and Paul Mwambu as the Minister of Agriculture.

Other key positions include Dr. Kosea Wambaka as the Minister of Planning, Rita Namuwenge as the Gender Minister, and Dr. Robinah Namoome as the Health Minister. Additionally, Ahamada Washaki has been appointed as the Envoy for Mediation and Reconciliation.

The cabinet’s agenda includes advocating for the establishment of a public university in the Bugisu sub-region, fostering unity for development in Masaabaland, and mobilizing financial support for the construction of a palace at Mutoto cultural site. The coordination between central government departments and the Bamasaaba cultural institution is highlighted as crucial, especially in programs such as the Parish Development Model, Emyooga, and the proposed relocation of people from landslide-prone areas.

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