Bicycle Race and Football Tournament Unite Bunyoro Kingdom

bicycle race and football tournament unite bunyoro kingdom
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The Bunyoro kingdom recently hosted two significant sports events sponsored by MTN, promoting the kingdom’s athletic enthusiasm. These events included a bicycle race at Sir Tito Winyi Primary School in Kikuube district and the Bunyoro Kitara kingdom Enganda football tournament in Buhaguzi county, Kikuube district.

Bicycle Race: Spinning Wheels and Determination

The bicycle race, a collaborative effort between MTN and the Bunyoro kingdom, attracted numerous participants from various backgrounds. Mr. Robert Rukahemura, the kingdom minister in charge of cultural affairs, expressed his appreciation for the partnership between MTN and the Bunyoro kingdom, acknowledging its positive impact on the region’s development.

Men’s Category:

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No Winner


Women’s Category:

No Winner


Enganda Football Tournament: A Show of Skill and Unity

The Bunyoro Kitara kingdom Enganda football tournament, organized in collaboration with MTN Uganda, aimed to discover and nurture youth talents. Mr. Gerald Baleke, the Buhaguzi county chief, addressed the participating clans, stressing the importance of discipline and unity among the participants.

He emphasized the significance of these competitions in identifying promising talents and promoting physical well-being while preventing diseases. The defending champions, Abazira Abafunjo Abaligira, were unable to advance from the district level, setting the stage for a competitive showdown among the clans.

The results of the competing clans were as follows:

  • Abazira Abafunjo Abaligira 2:2 Abaranzi (5:4 in penalties) – Abazira Abafunjo Abaligira secured their place in the finals.
  • Abasengya 1:1 Abachwezi (3:2 in penalties) – Abasengya emerged victorious in penalties.
  • Abasengya 2:2 Abazira (4:3 in penalties) – Abasengya displayed their resilience by winning another penalty shootout.

The Abasengya clan emerged as the Kikuube district winners and secured a place in the finals, to be held in Hoima City.

Both events concluded successfully, promoting unity and a healthy, active lifestyle within the Bunyoro kingdom, thanks to the joint efforts of the Bunyoro kingdom and MTN.

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