Inauguration of Mudoma as Bamasaba Cultural Leader

inauguration of mudoma as bamasaba cultural leader
PHOTO - Previous Rival Bamasaba Leader
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In a colorful ceremony held at the cultural grounds in Mbale City, Jude Mike Mudoma has been installed as the 3rd cultural leader of the Bamasaba, succeeding the late Bob Mushikori, who passed away due to COVID-19 in 2021. The event, attended by a large crowd, was presided over by Vice President Jessica Alupo on behalf of President Yoweri Museveni.

In his speech, Mudoma expressed his commitment to work with everyone and prioritize reconciliation among different factions. President Museveni congratulated Mudoma and extended his best wishes for peace, prosperity, and good health during his leadership.

Museveni emphasized the importance of cultural institutions as custodians of African cultures, customs, and languages. He stressed that it’s essential to involve traditional institutions in cultural development while also addressing regressive practices such as female genital mutilation, cattle rustling, early marriages, and wife inheritance. He encouraged the preservation of positive cultural elements while abandoning negative practices.

Museveni highlighted the restoration of cultural institutions by the NRM government in 1993, recognizing their role in centralized administration. He commended the political integration achieved by kings and chiefs in various regions.

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Lastly, Museveni urged the Bamasaba to embrace the wealth creation campaign to create jobs and reduce poverty at the household level.

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