Bunyoro Bishop Lifts Ban on Politicians’ Church Attendance

Bunyoro Kitara Diocese Bishop Revokes Politicians' Church Ban
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Bunyoro Kitara Diocese’s Bishop, the Rt. Rev. Samuel Kahuma, has removed a ban that prohibited politicians from attending church services and events. The ban had been imposed by the Kagadi inter-religious council in response to the Kapyemi Healing City controversy.

Bishop Kahuma announced this decision during a confirmation service and the inauguration of a multi-million-dollar boys’ dormitory at Naigana Secondary School in Kagadi district.

“I want to declare on behalf of the Anglican Church and myself that the Church no longer considers Kagadi district LC5 chairperson Yosia Ndibwami and his councilor guilty of their past disputes. I absolve them before this congregation, and they are welcome to attend church services,” said Kahuma.

He emphasized that church leaders do not have the authority to bar anyone from attending church services, which provide relief from stress, illness, and trauma.

Kahuma explained that he attended an inter-religious council meeting where some Kagadi district politicians clashed with religious leaders over Kapyemi Healing City. At the meeting, leaders unanimously agreed not to allow politicians, including councilors and their leader, to deliver speeches during religious functions and events.

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“It is sacrilegious to worship cults and neglect to worship the Lord God, the creator of earth and heaven. Those who pretend to belong to other sects due to politics and other reasons should repent and return to the Lord,” said Kahuma.

Recently, the Kagadi inter-religious council banned Ndibwami and district councilors from attending church services and events for their alleged support of Kapyemi healing city within Kagadi district.

Ndibwami was also accused of holding private meetings with Faith of Unity leaders and submitting unauthorized documents to the local government ministry regarding Kapyemi Healing City.

Bishop Kahuma believes that banning politicians from church attendance and speaking at events violates their right to freedom of worship and speech. He emphasized that nobody should deny anyone the right to exercise their religious freedom in Uganda.

While Kahuma acknowledged that his decision might upset some fellow religious leaders, he encouraged them to do the same. However, he clarified that the ban’s lifting applies only to events and services led by the Church of Uganda.

Kahuma concluded by confirming over 30 children into the Christian faith and inaugurating the multi-million boys’ dormitory.

Chairperson of the Kagadi inter-religious council, Pastor Ibrahim K. Magezi, stated that he had not received information about Bishop Kahuma’s decision and would address the matter once he does.

Ndibwami expressed his gratitude to Bishop Kahuma for his forgiveness and urged other religious denominations to follow suit.

“I am pleased with the Bishop’s forgiveness and ask other religious denominations to do the same for peace and harmony between religious leaders and politicians in Kagadi district,” said Ndibwami.

Patrick Chance, the headteacher of Naigana SSS, highlighted the school’s challenges, including a shortage of teachers on the government payroll, lack of laboratory equipment, dormitories, and a school bus. He called on the government to provide assistance to the school.

Leo Kiwanuka, an alumnus of the school, echoed the need for government support, emphasizing the school’s dire need for structures, classroom blocks, and a bus.

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