Traditional Dish Competition: Katakwi Beats Soroti

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Traditional Dish Competition: Katakwi Beats Soroti
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On September 27, 2023, SOCADIDO hosted a captivating exhibition competition between Soroti and Katakwi Districts, showcasing traditional dishes that were once enjoyed by their forebears.

Gorge Oruka, the Senior Agricultural Development Officer at SOCADIDO, emphasized their focus on agro-ecology, which encompasses principles such as recycling, synergies, and diversity, among others.

The one-year project, titled “Responsible Governance in Land,” supported by GIZ, is set to conclude its operations in December of this year. Its primary objective is to empower the Teso communities with knowledge about climate change.

The array of traditional dishes presented included cow peas, leafy greens, bambaranut, cucumbers, sweet potatoes combined with cowpeas, cassava flour, dried lungfish, boiled and mashed dry meat, as well as chicken, among other local delicacies.

In the competition, Ominya in Toroma sub-county took the lead in preparing local dishes, followed by Getom sub-county and Kapujan in Katakwi. Gweri sub-county in Soroti District secured the fourth position.

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At Katakwi District headquarters, Soroti District was represented by the sub-counties of Tubur, Gweri, Aukot, Katine, and Oculoi. Katakwi was well-represented by Palam, Toroma, Kapujan, Getom, Usuk, and Guyaguya, including their LC3s and sub-county chiefs.

Local investors, Opian Jorem Obicho from Gweri in Soroti District, Alungat Joyce from Angodingod, and Opeded Benard from Kapujan in Katakwi District, expressed their belief that embracing local dishes is the way forward.

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By Benjamin Epeduno

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