Busia Parents Demand Head Teacher Transfer Over Poor PLE Results

busia parents protest poor ple results
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Parents at Bulekei Primary School in Busia District protested over low Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE) results. They demanded the head teacher’s immediate transfer.

The protest occurred after 38 candidates at the school were ungraded in the 2023 PLE. The best result was 28/26 aggregates, far below the expected performance.

Parents, armed with sticks and placards, demanded Head Teacher Tadeo Odula’s transfer, blaming him for the declining academic standards since 2019.

Concerns were raised about the headmaster’s alleged neglect of teaching duties, instead spending time on personal activities.

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Local leaders criticized Odula for the consistent poor results, highlighting a decline from the school’s previous academic excellence.

Officials plan to address the issue with Odula and other underperforming head teachers, acknowledging the seriousness of the situation.

Parents insist on Odula’s transfer, emphasizing their dissatisfaction with his leadership.

Of the 749,254 candidates in the 2023 PLE, over 500,000 were from Universal Primary Education (UPE) schools.

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