Future of Suspended Ntare School Seniors Uncertain as Board Decides Tomorrow

Future of Suspended Ntare School Seniors Uncertain as Board Decides Tomorrow
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Ntare School has expressed disapproval of violence that led to the indefinite suspension of Senior Six students on Tuesday morning. The school community, including alumni, the board, and parents, emphasizes the importance of discipline in maintaining their long-standing reputation for academic excellence.

Mr. Apollo Kashanku, Chairperson of Ntare School Old Boys, expressed concern about the incident, stating, “We are not happy about what happened, but there are non-negotiable principles, such as the destruction of school property by students, which has been unacceptable in the past, present, and future. We love our students, but we also hold our school in high regard, and we believe the head teacher made the right decision.”

The School’s Public Relations Officer, Mr. Bruce Mugela, announced that the board would make a decision regarding the 205 suspended students on Friday. He stated, “The board will convene this Friday to address the entire incident, and afterward, parents and students will be informed.”

Mr. Nathan Mugume, Chairperson of the School Parent-Teachers Association (PTA), explained that the incident revolved around students using phones in school, which is against the school’s rules and also goes against the Ministry of Education’s guidelines. He urged parents to be patient, as they would reach a decision by the end of the week, taking into account both innocent students and ring leaders.

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Mr. Saul Rwampororo, the head teacher, reassured that the school had returned to normalcy, with school activities running smoothly. He mentioned that they were awaiting the board of governors’ decision regarding the fate of the suspended Senior Six students.

Municipal Education Officer Mr. Francis Tumwebaze appealed to parents to ensure proper upbringing of their children.

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