Minister Musasizi Denies Delay in Capitation Grant Release

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Henry Musasizi
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Finance state minister Henry Musasizi has refuted claims that the Ministry of Finance has yet to disburse the capitation grants for government-aided primary schools.

Responding to queries about the delay in funds distribution, Musasizi stated that the ministry had already released over 134 billion shillings to beneficiaries the previous week. He attributed the delay in funds reaching schools to the failure of district chief administrative officers to warrant the payments.

“When we release the capitation grant to districts, we expect local governments to warrant, and sometimes districts take their time. Some schools have already received funds, others are still in the process of warranting,” Musasizi explained.

The capitation grant for Universal Primary Schools (UPE) is intended for procuring instructional materials such as chalk and stationery not provided by the government.

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Musasizi addressed concerns raised by Leader of the Opposition in Parliament Joel Ssenyonyi, who advocated for an increase in the capitation grant for government-aided primary schools, citing its current insufficiency at 20,000 shillings per pupil per annum.

Ssenyonyi emphasized the importance of providing quality education to secure a bright future for learners, expressing disappointment over the delayed release of funds, which has resulted in some schools being unable to open for the new term.

MP Laura Kanushu also highlighted the lack of learning materials for pupils with disabilities in government-aided schools, pointing out that this hinders their performance. She called for urgent action to address this issue.

Deputy Speaker Thomas Tayebwa instructed Minister Musasizi to provide a detailed statement on the matter on Tuesday, February 13, 2024, with a focus on the performance of learners with disabilities.

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