Over 5000 Graduates Celebrate Success in Presidential Skills Program

President Museveni Promises Start up Capital for Graduates of Skilling Program
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More than 5000 people, mainly young individuals from various districts in the western region, have successfully completed the Presidential Initiative on Export Promotion Industrial Development program. This initiative, conducted in collaboration with the Directorate of Industrial Training (DIT), covers a range of skills including hairdressing, carpentry, motor vehicle mechanics, farming, tailoring, renewable energy, and more.

The Deputy in charge of the training office at the President Advisory Committee on Exports and Industrial Development, Francis Kagonyera, stated that this marks the second graduation under the program, with the first one held in Kawempe, Kampala.

The training, which commenced in 2022 across different centers in the region, aims to promote employable skills among Ugandans, enhance product quality, and explore new markets. Kagonyera expressed gratitude towards Odrek Rwabwogo, the program’s initiator, during the recent graduation ceremony at Kakyeka Stadium in Mbarara City.

Kagonyera highlighted the program’s broader mission of creating 18 zones across the country, forming consortiums for training, and supporting graduates to uplift their communities. The graduates, totaling 5000, will be kept in the PACEID database and assisted in training others in their respective districts.

Patrick Byakatonda, the DIT director, emphasized the goal of ensuring industries have fully skilled manpower and certifying existing skills among participants. He urged all stakeholders to support the program, emphasizing its role in skill development.

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In a virtual speech, Odrek Rwabwogo praised the mobilization effort that attracted thousands to the training. He stressed the importance of organization at household, enterprise, and institutional levels to create effective consortiums. Rwabwogo urged regional stakeholders to continue supporting the program, promising enhanced teaching in districts and connections to funding and markets.

Thomas Kategere, representing Rwabwogo, urged all Ugandans to support poverty alleviation programs and rallied stakeholders behind President Museveni’s campaign against poverty. He emphasized the government’s efforts to find markets for Ugandan products and cautioned against politicizing the program.

Lawrence Kagame, chairman of Yellow Power in western Uganda, applauded the program’s success but acknowledged financial challenges. He called for teamwork and cooperation among stakeholders to overcome challenges and ultimately address the issue of unemployment in the country. Kagame also warned against politicizing the program for the benefit of all participants.

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