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Is Minister Ogwang Pro-People?

Thursday, August 24, 2023
PHOTO by Benjamin Epeduno and Ariko Enoch.
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By Benjamin Epeduno and Ariko Enoch.
After hosting the anticipated next President of Uganda, General Muhoozi Kainerugaba, who is the current Presidential Adviser in charge of special operations under President Museveni’s government and the Chairman of the MK Movement, the Coordinator for MK Movement in Teso Sub-region, and also a State Minister for Education and Sports, Peter Ogwang has deeply involved himself in Ebarazas with the voters of Ngariam.

Ogwang and the Speaker of Parliament, Rt. Hon. Annet Anita Among, together with their friends—both politicians and non-politicians—have made a record in the entire country through the historical functions that they organized in Teso to welcome the young and energetic Four-Star General, attracting significant numbers in districts where the General visited.

“As for me, barazas have helped me to interact face to face with my constituents as they share the issues affecting them. Barazas have provided a platform for my constituents to voice their concerns, simplifying my work in service delivery—handling real challenges that affect them,” Ogwang told this website.

Ogwang said the Barazas not only keep the community updated on developments but also provide an opportunity for him to tap into invaluable local knowledge.

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Recent programs being rolled out in NGARIAM County as a result of barazas include the distribution of goats to women’s groups across Ngariam County, solar installations in all government primary schools, construction and roofing of churches through fundraisers, identification of high-performing young students from disadvantaged families to support their studies in schools from his personal account. Through his mega fundraising initiative titled “Empowering Rural Women through Savings,” Ogwang is currently providing three million (3M) to each village sacco group, aiming to empower financially over 200 villages in Ngariam County. The sub-counties covered now include Okore, Ngariam, Palam, and Katakwi Sub-County, followed by Katakwi Town Council, Akoboi, and Getom, respectively.

For better access to clean water, the Minister and his team have been on the ground supporting communities through the construction and rehabilitation of boreholes across Ngariam constituency.

Through his rapid promotions in his role, Ogwang has successfully lobbied for the construction of seed schools in most sub-counties in NGARIAM. For example, Akoboi seed school is in phase three of construction, Getom seed school is in phase two, Palam seed school is already complete and functional, and Okore seed school is beginning phase one of construction, and so on.

Next on the agenda is upgrading Katakwi Technical School to the status of a diploma-awarding institution from its current certificate-awarding status, putting it on par with St. Kizito Vocational Institute in Madera, Soroti City East.

Ogwang has also advocated for the construction of Ngariam Sub-county Memorial Technical School in remembrance of the 37 residents of the same place who were killed by Karamojong cattle rustlers in 2001. As a result of the killings, one child was found clutching the breast of their deceased mother, who was killed by the cattle rustlers.

Ogwang encourages his fellow colleagues, especially Members of Parliament from Katakwi, to adopt the approach of barazas in their constituencies as a means of addressing pressing issues for the people, which will aid them in lobbying for their constituents.

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He also urges the public to consistently hold their leaders accountable for their actions in Parliament.

“It’s healthy for my voters to hold me accountable for my actions in Parliament,” Ogwang politely stated.

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