Oyam District Appoints New Public Account Committee to Address Corruption

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The Oyam District Local Government has appointed five new members to the Public Account Committee (PAC). The new members are:

  • Willy Odongo (Chairperson)
  • Ogwal Denish
  • Otine Richard
  • Rose Obuga
  • Otim Jimmy

All of the new members are citizens of Oyam District.

The appointment of the new PAC members comes after complaints of corruption in the district’s public service. The previous PAC had been unable to produce a clear report on the district’s finances, despite repeated requests from the district councilors.

The new PAC members were endorsed by the councilors during a council sitting on Thursday. They are all retired from public service and are expected to bring a fresh perspective to the role.

The Chairperson of the LC5, Dilla Benson Oyuku, is hopeful that the new PAC will be more effective than the previous one. He said that the outgoing PAC’s performance had been “poor” and that he was confident that the new members would be able to do a better job.

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The new PAC members will be sworn in on Friday and will begin their work immediately. They are expected to produce their first report within six months.

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