FDC Party Releases Schedule for Delegates’ Conference

FDC Party Releases Schedule for Delegates' Conference
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The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party, based in Najjanankumbi, has shared its campaign plan for the upcoming national delegates’ conference. This conference is being organized to select the new party National Executive Committee (NEC). The Electoral Commission of the party has reported that 79 candidates were nominated successfully last week to fill 51 positions, while seven positions did not receive any candidates.

Campaigning for these positions began yesterday and will continue until October 4, leading up to the elections scheduled for October 6. Approximately 1,000 delegates are expected to attend the conference. The elected candidates will serve in accordance with the party’s constitution until 2028.

The Electoral Commission Chairperson, Mr. Boniface Bamwenda Toterebuka, emphasized that candidates are permitted to hold town hall meetings with the delegates but cautioned against voter bribery, violence, or the use of abusive language to influence voters.

However, it is worth noting that the recent division within the opposition party has resulted in two parallel leaderships. One faction, known as the Katonga faction, is loyal to former party president Dr. Kizza Besigye and has abstained from participating in the electoral process organized by the Najjanankumbi faction. They argue that internal disputes need to be resolved before elections can proceed.

In response to this, the party’s national chairman, Ambassador Wasswa Birigwa, convened an extraordinary delegates’ conference, despite resistance from the current party president, Mr. Patrick Amuriat, and Secretary General Nathan Nandala Mafabi. In this conference, Mr. Erias Lukwago was elected as the interim party president, suspending the leadership of Mr. Amuriat and Mr. Mafabi.

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Nonetheless, Mr. Toterebuka emphasized that his commission is conducting the elections in accordance with the law, affirming that there is no legal requirement for individuals to vote in Uganda; citizens have the right to choose whether or not to cast their ballots.

To recap, the FDC party is now divided into two parallel leaderships, with one faction led by Mr. Lukwago in the Katonga faction and another in Najjanankumbi still led by Mr. Amuriat as the party president. Key positions up for election include the party president, deputy party president for Central Region, deputy president for Northern Region, and secretary general.

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