Kyagulanyi Asks: Did Terrorists Take a Night Off During Cindy and Sheebah’s Concert?

Kyagulanyi Asks: Did Terrorists Take a Night Off During Cindy and Sheebah's Concert?
PHOTO - Newz UG - Kyagulanyi Asks: Did Terrorists Take a Night Off During Cindy and Sheebah's Concert?
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Robert Kyagulanyi, the leader of the National Unity Platform (NUP), has thrown some sharp questions at the police about their selective enforcement. Apparently, while the police were busy banning NUP’s countrywide tour, they somehow missed the memo on Cindy Sanyu and Sheebah Karungi’s concert.

The police, in a sudden twist of fate, suspended NUP’s nationwide mobilization campaign, which Kyagulanyi leads, citing reasons such as public order issues. Despite initially giving NUP the green light on September 2, they later decided that public order was overrated and cited disturbances, traffic jams, loss of business, and property damage as their reasons. They even managed to bring road accidents and a rally that apparently sparked violence and sectarianism into the mix.

Kyagulanyi, however, is not one to be easily silenced. He’s determined to keep the campaign rolling, complete with rallies across the nation.

But here’s the kicker: while NUP’s plans got the axe, Kyagulanyi couldn’t help but notice that Cindy and Sheebah’s concert went off without a hitch, drawing in thousands from all corners of the country. In a seemingly congratulatory tone, Kyagulanyi commended his “sisters” Cindy and Sheebah for their performance and thanked the fans for their support. He even suggested that the fake bomb scare that rattled the event was just another dramatic plot twist from the powers that be to block NUP.

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Kyagulanyi, ever the optimist, hopes the police won’t claim that terrorists are fans of NUP tours exclusively, while other gatherings continue to flourish without incident. He’s made it clear that the police have no right to play the permission game when it comes to public assemblies. According to him, their communication is more of a courtesy heads-up than a request, as the law supposedly demands.

To top it all off, Kyagulanyi had some choice words for Deputy Inspector General of Police Tumusiime Katsigazi. He suggested that Katsigazi’s statement sounded less like a neutral police position and more like something straight out of an NRM party handbook. Katsigazi had claimed that NUP’s tours couldn’t go on because Kyagulanyi allegedly went on an anti-Museveni tirade and threatened to overthrow the elected government in Luweero district.

In Kyagulanyi’s own words, “Let Ugandans and the world know that we are continuing our mobilization, regardless of what Museveni, using the police, may do to put an end to our popularity.” Kyagulanyi has been on a whirlwind national tour, hitting up places like Mayuge, Busia, Mbale, Mbarara, Kasese, Kabale, Arua, and Luweero, attracting a crowd wherever he goes.

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