Slaughter And Selling Meat Temporarily Banned in Oyam Town Council

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Slaughtering and selling meat at Oyam Town Council’s main abattoir has been temporarily banned after butchers failed to adhere to the guidelines specifying the authorized individuals for slaughtering animals at the abattoir.

Dr. Ronald Were, the Assistant Veterinary Officer of Oyam District, confirmed the ban, stating that the butchers failed to comply with the given guidelines. According to these guidelines, the person or persons mandated for slaughtering animals must be a Muslim recommended by the district Muslim Khadi. They must also be free from health complications such as Tuberculosis (TB) and Hepatitis B since they are serving the public.

Dr. Were mentioned that a Muslim named Mwaka Isha, who was designated for the task, was stopped by the butchers themselves without providing a clear reason.

Charles Otyama, the Chairperson of Oyam Town Council Butchers, expressed his regret over the temporary closure of their business due to these issues. He explained that the Muslim, Isha Mwaka, was stopped from slaughtering animals because of a strained relationship with the butchers, making it impossible to continue working with him.

However, Mwaka Isha, a Muslim mandated for slaughtering animals at the abattoir, asserted that the butchers decided to stop him because he consistently refused to slaughter animals brought without an LC1 letter indicating where they were purchased. His intention was to prevent animal theft.

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The Oyam Town Council main abattoir currently has 12 active members.

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Okello Stephen
19 days ago

I the mayor wasn’t informed but the tech team are so biased to the wanahinci of OyamTC. Communication gap be polished, l submit.