Roaring Controversy: Kenya’s DP Stuns World with Tiger Revelation

Is There a Chance Gachagua Keeps Tigers in a Private Zoo?
PHOTO - Pulse Live - Is There a Chance Gachagua Keeps Tigers in a Private Zoo?
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Nairobi – Kenya’s Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua is at it again! This time, he’s set the internet on fire by claiming that Kenya is home to tigers. Yes, you read that right, TIGERS!

In a jaw-dropping speech to Colombian investors last Thursday, Gachagua tried to woo them with Kenya’s supposed wildlife wonders. “As you come to invest in Kenya, we have many facilities for tourism,” he exclaimed, “we have rare species of wildlife, elephants, lions, buffalos, and Tigers!”

This sensational revelation came during his visit to Medellin City, Colombia, where he attended the Seventh Coffee Producer and Roaster Forum. But that’s not all! He also pitched for Kenya to host the Eighth PRF in 2024.

Gachagua, accompanied by a whole entourage, made a global plea to coffee enthusiasts to visit Kenya and buy their java direct from the source. At the 2023 Producer and Roaster Forum in Colombia, he declared Kenyan coffee as the world’s finest but lamented that the farmers weren’t getting their fair share.

So, did Gachagua actually spot tigers in Kenya? Or is this just another wild tale from the Deputy President?

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