Investigation Urged into EAC Secretary General’s Conduct Amid Allegations

A Whistleblower Raises Concerns about EAC Secretary General Conduct
PHOTO - EAC - Unveiled: Behind the Curtain of Corruption
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The East African Community (EAC) Secretary General, Dr. Peter Mathuki, is facing allegations of potential mismanagement and corruption within the regional body’s secretariat, according to a recent petition by a whistleblower.

The petition, outlining a series of claims against Mathuki, has been submitted to the Council of Ministers responsible for overseeing EAC affairs.

The petitioner asserts that under Mathuki’s leadership, the Community’s resources are allegedly being mishandled and its operations dominated by the Secretary-General, seemingly without adherence to established governing instruments such as Financial Rules and Regulations, Procurement Manuals, Human Resources Manual, and Staff Rules and Regulations.

Attempts to reach Mathuki through his known mobile number have been unsuccessful, and he has not provided responses to inquiries regarding the allegations.

The primary point of contention centers around Mathuki’s handling of funds designated for peace initiatives in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The petitioner claims that the USD 500,000 Peace Fund allocated to the initiative has been misappropriated, leading to calls for an investigation into the matter by the Partner States’ Anti-Corruption agencies.

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Additionally, allegations have emerged regarding the disappearance of funds from the Republic of South Sudan, as well as untraceable Chinese Fund amounts totaling approximately USD 200,000. These allegations implicate certain individuals within the EAC’s financial oversight.

Further concerns arise from assertions that Mathuki has influenced HR practices within the Community. Some staff members reportedly question the legitimacy of his recruitment attempts, with accusations of unprocedural appointments.

The whistleblower suggests that Mathuki’s behavior demonstrates a lack of consideration for established HR practices and has led to tensions within the Community.

The Council of Ministers is urged to intervene and address the situation to prevent potential embarrassment and ensure proper checks and balances within the EAC.

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