Kenya Considering Formal Recognition of Kosovo

Kenya Contemplates Recognizing Kosovo Independence
Kenya Contemplates Recognizing Kosovo Independence
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Nairobi — Kenya is considering recognizing Kosovo as an independent nation. Kosovo, a region in southeastern Europe, declared its independence from Serbia in 2008, but Serbia has not accepted this declaration, leading to ongoing tensions in the region.

Kosovo has received recognition from 114 United Nations member states, but Serbia claims that over twenty countries have withdrawn their recognition of Kosovo. Kenya’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Alfred Mutua, stated that Kenya is open to recognizing Kosovo, given that over 100 countries under the UN have already done so. Initially, Kenya recognized Kosovan passports as legal travel documents.

While the United States and the United Kingdom support Kosovo’s independence, Russia and China oppose its membership in the UN. Kenya plans to hold a meeting with the Kosovo president later this year to discuss further bilateral relations.

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