Plane Transportation in Nairobi: Traffic Advisory and Route Details

Plane Transportation in Nairobi Traffic Advisory and Route Details
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Transportation company DB Schenker has issued a traffic advisory regarding the upcoming movement of a plane in Nairobi.

The plane, scheduled for transport from the Kenya Airways (KQ) headquarters in Embakasi to the Pride Centre Kenya Airways college, situated off Airport Road, has prompted the need for this advisory. The transportation is set to take place on Sunday, November 4, 2023.

DB Schenker, in their notice, outlined the route that the wide load will take. The plane will be transported through a path that includes the Kenya Airways Head Quarter, Police Barracks, a roundabout, Wrongside, up to Naivas, and finally through the Coca-Cola Gate to the Kenya Airways Pride Centre.

The route plan indicates that Airport North Road will be the most impacted by this planned transportation.

While DB Schenker referred to the plane as an “abnormally wide load,” specific details regarding its size were not provided.

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Motorists intending to use the affected route have been strongly urged to exercise extreme caution. Furthermore, they are advised to maintain a safe distance in case they encounter the large truck responsible for transporting the plane. For those with alternative routes available, it is recommended to consider using them, as such transportation processes often lead to delays and traffic congestion. This is particularly evident when trucks need to navigate sharp corners or circumvent roundabouts.

In this case, the scheduled transportation on Sunday includes negotiating a roundabout, which may contribute to potential traffic disruptions. It’s important for all road users to stay informed and plan their travel accordingly, taking into account the potential delays and congestion resulting from this unique transportation operation.

The movement of large and heavy objects, like airplane fuselages, through urban areas can be a complex logistical challenge, requiring careful coordination and patience from all road users.

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