Pakwach Floods: UNRA’s Temporary Measures to Keep Roads Open

river tangi flooding cuts off pakwach and west nile sparks criticism
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The Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) is taking steps to address the recurrent issue of flooding at the Tangi gate along the Karuma-Pakwach road. The recent bursting of the River Tangi’s banks disrupted travel from West Nile to other parts of Uganda. This marks the fourth consecutive year that the West Nile sub-region has been isolated due to persistent flooding.

Allan Ssempebwa, the spokesperson for UNRA, announced on November 1 that temporary measures will be employed to mitigate the ongoing flooding, particularly at the Tangi gate location. Their plan involves the construction of an additional culvert alongside the existing ones, with the aim of preventing future flooding incidents.

Despite the desire for a more permanent solution, Ssempebwa acknowledged that the heavy rains could hinder the implementation of such measures. Nevertheless, UNRA has intentions to build a bridge at the Tangi gate, although a specific timeframe for this project was not disclosed.

Paul Eseru, the Resident District Commissioner of Pakwach, reported that the water levels had started to recede. He noted that the situation was gradually returning to normal, with traffic flow showing signs of improvement. Eseru expressed optimism that UNRA’s continued presence in the area would lead to the identification of a lasting resolution to the recurring flooding problem.

Summary of UNRA’s Actions

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Date Actions Taken by UNRA
November 1 UNRA announces the use of temporary measures to address the Tangi gate flooding.
Ongoing Construction of additional culvert to prevent future flooding.
Ongoing Plans to construct a bridge at the Tangi gate for a more permanent solution.
Ongoing Monitoring and presence in the area by UNRA.
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