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Mao Expresses Alarm Over Skyrocketing High-Rise Developments Near Chief Justice’s Residence

Saturday, May 4, 2024
High-Rise Construction Near Chief Justice's Home
Elizabeth Karungi
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Norbert Mao, the Justice Minister, recently expressed concerns regarding a new construction project near the official residence of the Chief Justice of Uganda. He shared a video captured from the compound of the Chief Justice’s residence, highlighting how the high-rise building under construction could potentially compromise the privacy of the Chief Justice and future occupants.

In his statement, Minister Mao questioned whether the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) had thoroughly considered the implications before issuing the building permit for the construction project. He emphasized the importance of ensuring the privacy and security of high-ranking officials, such as the Chief Justice, in their residential environments.

The video shared by Minister Mao depicts the proximity of the new building to the Chief Justice’s residence, raising concerns about potential privacy infringements. The construction of a high-rise building overlooking the Chief Justice’s home could lead to a lack of privacy for both current and future occupants of the residence.

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