Civil Servants in Obongi Go into Hiding as Anti-Corruption Unit Arrives

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Anti-Corruption Unit Vehicle
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By Patrick Okidi


The State House Anti-Corruption Unit (SHACU) has arrived in Obongi district to investigate the rampant corruption in the district. The team, which arrived on Wednesday, August 23, 2023, is led by senior investigators.

Our sources have disclosed that most of the civil servants in Obongi district have gone into hiding following the arrival of SHACU. This is because the unit has a reputation for exposing and prosecuting corrupt officials.

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The investigation is focused on the development response to displacement impact project (DRDIP), which has been plagued by corruption allegations. Billions of shillings have been embezzled from the project, which is intended to help people who have been displaced by conflict.

The investigation follows the unearthing of over twenty ghost projects by the Resident District Commissioner (RDC) of Obongi, Samuel Mpimbaza Hashaka, and the Deputy RDC, Jawoko Denis. The ghost projects are those that were never implemented, but money was still paid out for them.

Two weeks ago, four civil servants were arrested over a scandal in which over 250 million shillings meant for a new double cabin pick-up truck under the United States Mission to Uganda (USMID) were embezzled. Those arrested included the acting district engineer, Onapa Ivan Opio, the internal auditor, Charles Ayume, the accountant, and the procurement officer.

The chief administrative officer (CAO) of Obongi district, Andrew Leru, and the chief finance officer have also gone into hiding, fearing arrest on suspected corruption allegations.

When contacted about the team’s arrival, RDC Hashaka confirmed that they are currently in the district and are conducting investigations.

The Ankole Times will continue to bring you more updates on this story.

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Hon. Aliga Hamid. LCV Councillor obongi District local government.
Hon. Aliga Hamid. LCV Councillor obongi District local government.
6 months ago

Surely serious attention needs to be paid by the government to obongi district local government. Implementation of government programs are not up to date especially DRDIP and most likely PDM which is in progress. However, gulu university hoima campus needs to be paid attention to since projects have not been implemented by them and money has been paid to their accounts.

6 months ago

It’s so unfortunate that the people of Obongi allow to deceived by corrupt RDCs who use their office to cover up their mess and protect their interests by intimidating civil servants mobilizing community against civil servants pretending to be doing monitoring and following up programs which are being implemented. They’re the ones behind some of this shoddy works in the district. You tell them to do the right thing you became a problem.What happened with over 1,500 bags of charcoal got in waka forest reserve. They are very people promoting corruption in the district. If you stand against their interest to robb the district. They start looking for any fault to get you out of their way but this what my mighty people of Obongi can’t see.