Civil Servants Urged to Streamline Operations in Ntungamo District

Chairperson speaking
Ntungamo LC5 Chairperson Calls for Teamwork to Improve Service Delivery
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Ntungamo District Local Council Chairperson, Sam Muchunguzi Rwakigoba, has called on civil servants in the district to embrace teamwork for effective service delivery.

Muchunguzi, who spoke at the retreat for the heads of departments and members of the district executive committee held at Mutumo Island Resort on Lake Nyabihoko last evening, revealed that teamwork makes it easier for staff to work together harmoniously and support each other when needed.

Furthermore, Muchunguzi emphasized the district’s commitment to ensuring essential services, such as infrastructure, particularly roads leading to markets, education, and production, are prioritized as they are key drivers of development.

At the same retreat, Ntungamo Chief Administrative Officer, Mathias Ndifuna, urged civil servants in the district to embrace the delegation of duties to avoid delays and ensure smooth working relations.

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William Kanyesigye, a retired Chief Administrative Officer and trainer, also called on civil servants in the district to consistently provide technical guidance to support the political wing promptly, enabling them to make lawful decisions.

Kanyesigye revealed that when technocrats and politicians fulfill their roles effectively, it will lead to better performance and the realization of the government’s agenda to improve the livelihoods of the people.

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