Court Bailiff Petitions President Museveni Over Delayed Court Order Execution in Lira

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In a letter dated November 23, 2023, signed by Mr. Bonnie Rwamukaaga, a court bailiff attached to IBRA Court Bailiff and Auctioneers, which The Ankole Times has seen and possesses a copy of, Rwamukaaga accused the police and some key leaders in Lango sub-region of frustrating and refusing to witness the execution of a court order against Pentecostal Assemblies of God Lira Limited (Yahweh Pentecostal Missions).

In his letter to the Fountain of Honour, he accused Lira City Resident City Commissioner (RCC) Lawrence Emmy Egole, Lango Presidential Advisor, Mr. Sam Engola, and Otuke East County MP, Hon. Julius Acon Bua, in particular. “The above-mentioned individuals have conspired with the Pentecostal Assemblies of God (now Yahweh Pentecostal Missions) and Bishop Mukalu to frustrate the lawful execution of a court order for the seizure of PAG Uganda churches and property.”

Bonnie Rwamukaaga stated that this matter has been brought to the attention of the Attorney General. In a letter dated November 4, 2023, Reference No 2021/0596, the Attorney General, in his well-considered opinion and wise counsel, stated in a letter on November 4, 2023, to the IGP, titled “Police Refusals to Witness Execution of Court Order,” that “all executions of court orders must be complied with in accordance with the directives of the court.”

According to the letter, Rwamukaaga quoted to His Excellency the President that a fruitful meeting was chaired on November 28, 2023, by the honorable Minister of Internal Affairs, Hon. Gen. Kahinda Otafire (Ref ADM/53/267/01), attended by both parties, including several stakeholders in Lango sub-region. In a minute signed by Permanent Secretary Lieutenant General Joseph B. Musanyufu, among others, the way forward was resolved, stating that a court order should be given a chance to be implemented. Here, the court bailiff attached the minutes marked “I.”

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Rwamukaaga has called for the intervention of His Excellency the President of the Republic of Uganda in the matter, urging government officials to comply with the stipulated laws and norms of the government.

For a balanced interview, as per the response from the accused personalities/leaders by Ronnie Rwamukaaga, according to his letter to His Excellency the President, The Ankole Times newspaper talked to Hon. Acon Julius Bua at 7:03 PM on Thursday, November 30, 2023. When asked if he is aware of the complaint raised against him and other leaders in Lango, he told our reporter that he was outside the country. “I am not in the country; I am in Rwanda for a parliamentary game, and I have no knowledge about such a complaint regarding the suspected interruption and conspiracy to frustrate the execution of lawful Court Orders,” said MP Acon.

Senior Presidential Advisor in charge of Lango Sub-region, Mr. Sam Engola, when contacted on his known phone number repeatedly and on several occasions by our reporter, neither picked up our phone calls nor called back to give his side of the story.

Lira City RCC Mr. Egole Emmy Lawrence, on October 2, 2023, while responding to the complaint of court bailiff Ronnie Rwamukaaga, denied completely blocking the Court Order for Seizure of PAG Uganda Churches during his media response held from his office.

The RCC’s response stemmed from Bonnie Rwamukaaga, a court bailiff and the former president of the Uganda Court Bailiff Association, who recently in a press briefing accused Mr. Egole Lawrence, the Lira Resident City Commissioner (RCC), of delaying and confusing the execution of a court order for the seizure of PAG Uganda churches in Lira. Rwamukaaga also alleged outright corruption in Lira City, with Egole Lawrence demanding a significant amount of money for the execution process. Rwamukaaga, on October 2, 2023, called upon the State House to take a keen interest in the management of Lira City’s security while addressing and highlighting the challenges delaying the execution of the court order in Lira City. He mentioned that he arrived in Lira on April 4, 2023, but to date, the order of seizure by PAG Uganda, as directed by the court, has not been executed.

He accused some officials of receiving instructions from certain individuals, leading to delays and corruption in Lira City. He called on the national security team to closely monitor the administration of Lira City, which he felt was operating outside the norms of Uganda.

However, in his full response to the allegations, the Lira Resident City Commissioner (RCC) Mr. Egole Lawrence on October 2, 2023, stated that the seizure of PAG churches was not limited to Lira City but was occurring in other districts within the Lango sub-region.

He emphasized the need for reconciliation and peace in the face of court orders affecting over 600 churches. “I don’t have the capacity to block any court order or to question its legality. I urge my brother Rwamukaaga to understand how security works,” said Egole Lawrence.

Egole Lawrence mentioned that a scheduled security meeting on Tuesday, October 3, 2023, would include senior citizens, religious leaders, stakeholders, opinion leaders, other religious leaders, city security leaders, elders, and leaders, including both warring factions. This meeting aimed to guide the situation carefully, considering the risks associated with abrupt executions and protests, was held in the presence of the media; however, it did not arrive at a logical conclusion.

Mr. Egole highlighted the importance of round-table talks, reconciliation, and engagement with church leaders. He emphasized that court orders should be executed responsibly to safeguard lives and property. “Accusing the RCC might not be productive in this situation,” he concluded as he addressed the media from his office in Lira City.

Rwamukaaga recently vowed to meet His Excellency the president over the matter, and this time he has put everything in black and white to the attention of the President. The November 23, 2023 letter addressed to H.E the President was copied to: Hon Minister for Internal Affairs Maj. Gen. Kahinda Otafire, Minister For Presidency Hon Milly Babirye Babalanda, Hon Minister Internal Affairs, Hon Attorney General Mr. Kiwanuka Kirwowa, The Chief Justice-Judiciary Uganda, The Inspector General of Police, and the presiding Bishop PAG-Uganda.

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2 months ago

President ,show justice,we need justice not violence court order be respected