Uganda Scouts Association Leaders Implicated in Kaazi Camping Site Land Scandal

uganda scouts association leaders implicated in kaazi camping site land scandal
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The dispute over the ownership and use of the 120-acre land at Kaazi in Wakiso district, belonging to the Uganda Scouts Association, has intensified. Documents reveal that some association leaders acquired a substitute certificate of title with the assistance of Uganda Land Commission (ULC) officials. Subsequently, part of the land was sub-divided and sub-leased to two companies—M/s Serena Heights Kaazi Ventures and M/s Sky and Lakes Limited.

Companies Formation Year
M/s Serena Heights Kaazi Ventures 2022
M/s Sky and Lakes Limited 2011


These companies began parceling out the land for commercial and residential purposes. Notably, the sub-leases were signed by prominent Uganda Scouts Association leaders, including Bishop Nelson Onono Onweng, Patrick Barugahare Mujuni, and Dr John Mugisha, who are trustees of the association. Chief Scout Dr Maggie Kigozi and other officials from the national scouts’ board witnessed the signings.

The land in question, located in Kyadondo block 273, Plot 5, is part of the Kabaka’s plantation. Brig. Gen. Moses Lukyamuzi, the head of the presidential special taskforce on lands and environment, has halted further development pending investigations.

Buganda Kingdom’s Intervention:

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Buganda Kingdom has petitioned the commissioner of land registration to cancel all titles obtained on the land, arguing that they were erroneously acquired without the Kabaka’s consent. The kingdom asserts that the land was intended exclusively for camping and should not be used for commercial and residential purposes. Buganda Kingdom aims to reclaim the land due to alleged illegal changes in ownership terms.

Education Ministry’s Response:

The Ministry of Education, responsible for overseeing Uganda Scouts Association activities, claims unawareness of any sub-divisions or sub-leases. The ministry spokesperson, Dr Dennis Mugimba, assured that the matter would be investigated by the commissioner for physical education and sports.

Leaders’ Responses:

While some officials, including Bishop Onweng, questioned the scouts’ approach to the issue, others like Kigozi did not respond to inquiries.

Background on Kaazi Land:

The 120-acre land, home to the national scouts since 1948, was given to them by Sir Edward Muteesa II. Despite legal complexities and changes in ownership, Kaazi serves as a vital conservation area with diverse wildlife, including rare bird species and monkeys.

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