UPDF Soldier Receives Life Sentence for Murder and Attempted Murder

Court Martial Delivers Life Sentence to Soldier in Murder Case
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In a court-martial held at Muhooti Barracks in Fort Portal City, Kabarole District, Corporal Avugo Peter Lomuro, an Air Force Evacuation member of the Mountain Division Signal Department, has been convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment. The soldier was found guilty of two counts of murder and five counts of attempted murder.

Lt Col Benon Besigye, the chairman of the court-martial, presided over the judgment and sentence. He stated that after a thorough examination of the evidence presented, Cpl Avugo was given a life sentence for the murder of Private Anyoro Richard and Staff Sergeant Ochen Albert Tony on July 14, 2023. Additionally, he was found guilty of attempting to murder five other individuals.

Lt Col Besigye mentioned that the convicted soldier has the option to appeal the sentence within 14 days. Cpl Avugo Peter Lomuro will serve his sentence in Katojo Prison for the crimes he committed on the night of July 14, 2023.

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