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34 Suspects Nabbed for Marijuana Possession in Mbarara City

Wednesday, March 27, 2024
The Ankole Times
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Law enforcement in the South Division of Mbarara City has effectively targeted criminal activities related to drug abuse in the region. Under the leadership of SP Namara Kellen, the Division Police Commander, a recent operation based on intelligence was conducted from 11:00 pm to 4:00 am in different cells within the division.

The operation focused on areas like Katete Central Cell, Bihuunya Cell, Kitebero Cell, Rwemirinzi Cell, and Karugangama Cell, all situated in Katete Ward. These areas were pinpointed as spots where criminal elements were involved in the sale and consumption of marijuana and other illicit substances. It was noted that these individuals would later disperse to various parts of the city, posing a danger to the community during nighttime.

A total of 34 suspects were taken into custody during the operation for possessing marijuana and other illegal substances. These individuals were transported to Ruti Police Station where they are presently in custody. They have been formally charged and are awaiting processing and legal action.

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SP Namara mentioned that this operation follows a previous one in Mbarara City North where a significant amount of narcotics were seized and multiple arrests were made.

The effective operation demonstrates the dedication of Mbarara City Police in safeguarding the residents’ safety and security. SP Namara Kellen and her team have exhibited commitment and effectiveness in their drive to combat crime and drug abuse in the region. The public can be assured that law enforcement will persist in their efforts to maintain a secure environment in the city.

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