Aggravated Robbery Incidents Under Investigation in Arua City and Mayuge

aggravated robbery incidents under investigation in arua city and mayuge
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The Territorial Police in Arua City is currently investigating an aggravated robbery incident that occurred on November 23, 2023, at Nsambia Cell, Awindiri Ward, Arua Central Division. The victims, Vijey Kumar, an Indian businessman, and his driver, Charles Kabimwene, were attacked by two unidentified men riding a motorcycle. The assailants, armed with a pistol and SMG, fired two bullets at the victims’ white Mark X vehicle (registration number UBM 913F), shattering the windscreen. The robbers made off with approximately 420,000,000/= (four hundred and twenty million shillings). The police have registered a case of aggravated robbery, and efforts are underway to apprehend the suspects.

In a separate incident in Mayuge, the Territorial Police is investigating an aggravated robbery involving Jasmine Gajjar, an Indian cashier at GM Sugar Factory’s Weigh Bridge in Girigiri village, Mayuge Town Council, on November 24, 2023. The perpetrators, dressed in attire resembling Army uniforms, hijacked Gajjar, who was driving a white M/V Wish, and robbed him of 65 million Ugandan shillings. One suspect, identified as Iwubwe, has been arrested and is currently in custody to assist with the ongoing investigations.

Additionally, there have been notable developments in the investigation of last week’s robberies:

  1. Robbery at Ssezibwa Road near Fang Fang Restaurant:
    • Suspects arrested (5):
      • Ssemanda Jonathan
      • Mwebesa Joram
      • Nsiko Ashraf
      • Ssenyonga Yahaya
      • Lutaya Isa
    • Exhibits recovered: $4600 and Ugx 2,026,000/=, 2 motorcycles (1 found at the scene of the crime).
  2. Martin Road Robbery:
    • Suspects arrested:
      • Kato Christopher
      • Ampaire Ronald
      • Muzora Stephen
    • Exhibits recovered: Cash Ugx 5m, 5 motorcycles.

The police are actively pursuing leads and collaborating with relevant authorities to ensure the swift resolution of these criminal cases. Citizens are urged to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities to assist law enforcement in maintaining public safety.

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