Catholic Catechist Fined for Alleged Adultery in Oyam

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The LC One Court of Apur-bwonyo, a village in Acaba sub-county, Oyam district, imposed a fine on a Catechist from Imara Catholic Chapel in Acaba sub-county, Oyam district, for an alleged act of adultery with a married woman.

According to the report on Agum Robert, the Catechist, he was discovered engaging in voluntary sexual intercourse with Dilish Bongomin, the wife of Bongomin Kenneth, inside Kenneth’s bedroom around 8 PM last Monday. Bongomin promptly raised an alarm, leading to the community’s intervention and Agum’s subsequent arrest.

They were taken to the LC One office in Apur-bwonyo village immediately, and both parties admitted to the act of adultery.

Mose Okello, the chairperson of LC One Apur-bwonyo, confirmed the report. Agum Robert, the Catechist, was compelled to pay a fine of one heifer, 100,000/=, and a she-goat to Bongomin, the husband of the woman involved.

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Loka Nelson
Loka Nelson
29 days ago

Fined without a statement from bothe the catekist and the woman??!!,It’s embarrassing ,
There are so many reasons that will take the clergy man into our houses and before we make rush and erratic decisions on them while we are intoxicated with alcohol,let’s think of the consequences of our actions
And as clergy man/health worker/coumceler,please let’s not forget community ,home entry protocols,