Namisindwa’s Youth Fund: The Money That Went for a Kenyan Vacation

Namisindwa Youth Fund The Money That Went for a Kenyan Vacation
Namisindwa Youth Fund The Money That Went for a Kenyan Vacation
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In a shocking turn of events that could leave you rolling on the floor laughing if it weren’t for the taxpayers’ money involved, it appears that Namisindwa district officials have managed to recover a whopping UGX 10 million out of the UGX 710 million that was generously handed out under the Youth Livelihood Programme (YLP) in the past ten years. Yes, you read that right, 1.4 per cent! They say “money doesn’t grow on trees,” but apparently, it also doesn’t seem to grow much in Namisindwa.

Andrew Wabweni, the Namisindwa district community development officer, expressed his frustration, reminding everyone that these funds were supposed to be like a merry-go-round – you know, keep coming back – but they seem to have gotten lost in the amusement park.

Wabweni pointed out that some of the young beneficiaries of these funds have decided to try their luck in Kenya. Maybe they thought they could find a pot of gold at the end of the Kenyan rainbow? In any case, they’ve made it incredibly challenging to track them down and get back the borrowed money.

Wabweni then gave a heartfelt plea to local leaders, urging them to enlighten the youth about the joys of repaying their debts. After all, if they don’t pay up, how will the youth who are still hanging around get their hands on some financial support? It’s like a never-ending cycle of financial hide-and-seek.

Emma Bwayo, Namisindwa district male youth councilor, and Moses Waburoko, the Tsekuluku sub-county LC V councilor, threw a curveball into the mix. They hinted that some sneaky technocrats might have deducted a little “something extra” from the funds before handing them out to the youths. No, not a slice of cake – we’re talking kickbacks!

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This little “bonus” apparently made it difficult for the youth groups to pay back the full amount, as some of the money decided to take a detour into the pockets of these technocrats. Bwayo even suggested that the district should make a grand announcement, a bit like a celebrity awards show, revealing the names of the youth beneficiaries and how much they got. Transparency, he argued, could be the key to unlocking this financial puzzle.

In an unexpected twist, Dorothy Nebokhe Wolukawu, the speaker of Namisindwa district, gave a round of applause to the district chairperson for providing some financial accountability. Hooray! She also pointed out that the district managed to meet a whopping 80 per cent of its expectations. Bravo, Namisindwa! But then, in a classic “but wait, there’s more” moment, she called upon the central government to cough up more cash for roads. Apparently, the district’s roads are in such a sorry state that they’re slowing down the whole development party.

And now, for some bonus humor, let’s not forget that this isn’t just any money – it’s taxpayers’ money, or loans from the World Bank. So, who’s going to pay back these colossal debts? The answer, dear reader, is blowing in the wind, just like the elusive youth funds in Namisindwa.

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