Gun Used in Isma Olaxess Killing Enjoys Exclusive “Unregistered” Status – Ballistic Experts Baffled

The Great Gun Mystery: No Clues, No Suspects, No Registration

Gun Used in Isma Olaxess Murder Not Exactly Stamped with Official Seal of Approval
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In a shocking twist that might as well be right out of a spy movie, it turns out that the pistol responsible for ending the life of famed vlogger Ibrahim Tusuubira, commonly known as Isma Olaxess, had a rebellious streak – it wasn’t registered with any government or private security agency, according to the ever-watchful eyes of police ballistic experts.

Olaxess met his untimely demise, being shot a grand total of six times on May 6, 2023, right beside his rented abode at Kyanja Central Zone in Nakawa Division. But lo and behold, after four months of investigative acrobatics with bullet casings, the ballistic experts have reached a mind-boggling conclusion: the pistol used had zero connections to any past superstar murders or epic-scale heists.

One might say, “Well, what’s the big deal?” Apparently, it’s a colossal deal in the world of bullet-based deduction. As one unnamed source put it, “The majority of recent murders usually come gift-wrapped with handy clues like gun cartridges or, heaven forbid, the identities of suspects. But this one? Nope, nada, zilch. We’re basically back to square one, detective edition.”

Remember that time Gen Edward Katumba Wamala was ambushed on June 1, 2021, losing his daughter and driver in the process? Well, the detectives of the bullet brigade were like lightning then, connecting one of the guns used to a murder all the way back in November 2016 – the good ol’ Maj Mohammad Kiggundu case. Talk about efficiency!

Flash forward to last year, and the same crack shot experts linked guns used to off Bukwo district chief administrative officer Charles Egwang to robberies in Wakiso district. Their findings led to the apprehension of assailants, ranging from police officers to soldiers and even the ever-vigilant private security guards.

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But wait, there’s more! Fred Enanga, the police spokesperson, confirmed that when it comes to Olaxess’ murder, their team of experts is currently as clueless as a goldfish with short-term memory loss. He did, however, expertly dodge divulging any more details, claiming it would be like serving a platter of classified information at a party.

Now, let’s talk about the magnificent seven – no, not the movie. All seven suspects initially held in connection with Olaxess’ murder have experienced a piecemeal release. Among the suspects was the lucky Mathias Waiswa, Olaxess’ chauffeur, who security questioned extensively to decipher the magic spell that kept him unscathed while bullets rained down from both sides of his car.

Here’s a fun fact for you: Olaxess’ murderers apparently had a strong sense of decorum. After shooting him a few times, they courteously stepped closer to provide some extra ventilation for his body with more bullets. They then made their exit, using a motorcycle that had presumably been waiting for them, possibly with a “Getaway Vehicle” sign on the back.

And for those keeping track of Olaxess’ sinister connections, just four days before his tragic demise, he released a video celebrating the minister of state for Labour, Col Charles Okello Engola’s demise. Engola met his unfortunate end on May 2, also in Kyanja, courtesy of his bodyguard Pte Wilson Sabiiti. Coincidence? Conspiracy? Comedy? You decide!

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