Man Found Dead After Domestic Dispute with Wife

Regional spokesperson Rachael Kawala Mubende
PHOTO -- Wamala Region Police Public Relations Officer, Ms. Rachael Kawala
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Authorities in Kassanda District are currently investigating the apparent suicide of a 31-year-old man, Frank Kalyesubula, which investigators suspect may be linked to a recent domestic dispute with his wife.

The Wamala Region Police Public Relations Officer, Ms. Rachael Kawala, reported that Kalyesubula’s lifeless body was discovered hanging inside his residence, accompanied by the grim sight of several household items set ablaze. The deceased, a resident of Myanzi village in Myanzi Sub County, had been involved in a heated domestic altercation with his wife on Wednesday.

According to Ms. Kawala, after the quarrel, Kalyesubula reportedly locked up the house and left for an undisclosed location. On the following day, Thursday, Kalyesubula’s wife, Rashidah Namatovu, who had initially reported the domestic discord to the local council and the police, returned to the authorities when she observed her husband re-entering the house he had abandoned the day before.

The discovery of Kalyesubula’s lifeless body and the burnt household items has raised questions about the circumstances leading to his death. The police are currently conducting an investigation into the incident to ascertain the details surrounding the tragic demise of the 31-year-old resident.

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