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Maracha Elders Invoke Traditional Curse Against Dr. Jino Abiriga’s Killers

Friday, January 12, 2024

On the eve of the burial of Dr. Jino Abiriga, the acting Masindi district health officer who was brutally murdered on January 7, elders from the Greater Yivu clan in Maracha performed ancient rituals to curse the perpetrator(s) responsible for his death. The 58-year-old doctor was killed in Kijura cell, central division in Masindi municipality, and his body was found near his residence. Some family members, including his wife, were taken into police custody in connection with the crime.

Dr. Abiriga’s body arrived in Maracha on Thursday, where elders conducted traditional rituals aimed at delivering a curse to those responsible for the doctor’s murder. Dicky Alema, a clan member and Maracha district secretary for social services, explained that the rituals, typically performed in the scorching sunshine, were improvised due to the late arrival of the body. Elders set fire and performed the curse in front of the burning casket, providing a moment of relief for the mourning clan.

A Befitting Ceremony

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The Maracha district will hold a special council sitting on Friday to honor Dr. Abiriga for his contributions to the district and the nation. The ceremony, scheduled to begin at 9 am in the late doctor’s ancestral home in Tumvea village, Offude parish, Tara sub-county, aims to pay tribute to the deceased with speeches and a council session. Adrian Drakana, the Maracha district council deputy speaker, emphasized the importance of emulating the actions of Masindi district council in honoring the late doctor.

Monica Koliba, the Maracha deputy resident district commissioner, urged the community to gather and bid farewell to Dr. Abiriga, describing his death as “painful” and emphasizing the loss of a valuable professional.

Police Investigation Update

Earlier in the week, the police provided details surrounding Dr. Abiriga’s tragic end. According to Police spokesperson Fred Enanga, the doctor attended a friend’s wedding on Sunday morning and returned home at 9 pm. He and his wife, Betty Cherotic, went to sleep at around 10 pm, but the doctor was found dead with severe injuries a few hours later, 50 meters from his residence.

Enanga stated that forensic analysis of blood stains found in the bedroom and under the marital bed was ongoing. Although the wife claimed the victim received a call to perform a medical operation and never returned home, the police have not found evidence supporting this claim. Enanga reassured the public that, regardless of attempts to cover up the crime, the truth would be uncovered through ongoing investigations.

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