M23 Rebel Arrested for Robbery in Kisoro

Kisoro Police Apprehend M23 Rebel Linked to Robbery
Unrelated Photo of M23 Fighters - Getty Images/Foreign Policy
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Police in Kisoro District, located in western Uganda, reported on Monday that they had apprehended an individual associated with the M23 rebel group, which operates in the neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo. The arrest was made on allegations of aggravated robbery.

The suspect, identified as Gestin Ngonga, a 22-year-old resident of Rucuro Kiwanja territory in the DRC, was taken into custody. According to law enforcement officials, Ngonga committed the robbery on Sunday, September 10.

The victim, Lawrence Nasasira, a resident of Kakanke village in Kisoro District, was riding a motorcycle when Ngonga intercepted him. During the encounter, Ngonga robbed Nasasira of Shs400,000 and two mobile phones. The robbery occurred at approximately 5 pm in Kinanira village, Mupaka town council, Kisoro District.

Reportedly, Ngonga was armed with an SMG rifle (No. CDFA2719381), equipped with two magazines loaded with 55 rounds of live ammunition. After committing the robbery, he instructed Nasasira to leave the scene. Nasasira promptly reported the incident to the Mupaka border security team in Kisoro District.

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Ngonga’s actions prompted the pursuit and subsequent arrest by UPDF 35 Battalion soldiers. They also recovered the stolen rifle and mobile phones in the process. Given Ngonga’s affiliation with the M23 rebel group, the police handed the case over to UPDF officers at the 2nd division located in Makenke, Mbarara city, for further management.

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