Mityana Police Pursue Suspected Killer in Ritual Sacrifice Case

Mityana Police
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Mityana Police are intensifying efforts to locate Joseph Muwonge, the prime suspect in the alleged ritualistic killing of his 19-year-old girlfriend, Jessica Nakamate. The lifeless body of Nakamate was discovered in a state of decomposition within her rented residence in Kitavujja village, situated in Sekanyonyi town council, Mityana district.

The landlady, Rose Nakku, sheds light on the turbulent relationship between Muwonge and Nakamate, noting frequent domestic disputes. Nakku reveals that the couple’s dwelling had been securely locked for over a week, with no inkling among neighbors that Nakamate had met a tragic end. It was only when an unpleasant odor wafted from their residence that suspicions arose, prompting Nakku and others to report the situation to the authorities.

Racheal Kawala, the Wamala Regional police spokesperson, discloses the subsequent actions taken by law enforcement. Nakku and concerned locals reported Nakamate’s demise to Sekanyonyi police station, prompting the dispatch of Scene of Crime Officers from Mityana main police station to the scene. Upon arrival, the officers uncovered Nakamate’s decomposed body, bereft of a nose and tongue, suggesting a horrifying and possibly ritualistic nature to the crime.

Efforts to bring Muwonge to justice have been amplified, with Mityana police issuing alerts to all stations in the surrounding areas, including Wakiso and Kassanda districts. Kawala appeals to Muwonge’s relatives and acquaintances to cooperate with the police, facilitating his apprehension to face murder charges.

This tragic incident echoes another recent case in Mityana district, where Jackson Tumukunde was arrested on allegations of suffocating his girlfriend, Lydia Kobusingye, to death. Residing in Kakonde-Katwe village, Bulamu parish, Bulera Sub-county, Tumukunde reportedly confessed to the crime, citing suspicions of infidelity as the motive.

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