Police Detain Dr. Kulthum Muzaata’s Husband over Threatening Incident

Police Detain Dr. Kulthum Muzaata's Husband over Threatening Incident
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Eng. Acram Gumisiriza, a South African-based socialite and husband to Dr. Kulthum Nabunya Muzaata, has been detained by the police following allegations of threatening a woman.

On the night of Tuesday, October 10, 2023, Gumisiriza was involved in a heated dispute with a woman known as Rema Mwiiza. The incident reportedly began when he picked her up from Calendar House, Bar and Lodge on Salaama Road.

During their journey, they made several purchases, including HIV-testing kits, beverages, and fast food, using the woman’s money. It is claimed that Gumisiriza did not inform her that he intended to take her to their home in Munyonyo.

According to Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson Patrick Onyango, when Gumisiriza parked at the home gate, the woman refused to exit the car due to concerns about the dark and powerless environment. An argument ensued.

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The woman, feeling suspicious, refused to leave the vehicle and requested to be taken to a guest house or returned to her original location. In response, Gumisiriza allegedly returned with a machete, threatening her. She immediately contacted Salaama Road Police, who arrived at the scene.

During the subsequent interactions, the woman surrendered her phone to the police. Although the phone was examined, no alleged video footage was found.

Both individuals were taken to a nearby police post, where they provided statements. Gumisiriza was later transferred to Katwe Police Station and charged with the offense of threatening violence on October 10, 2023. As of the latest update, Gumisiriza remained in police custody.

It was unclear when Gumisiriza had returned to Uganda, and sources indicated that his wife, Dr. Kulthum Muzaata, was out of the country.

Eng. Acram Gumisiriza and Dr. Kulthum Nabunya Muzaata came to public attention after the passing of Kulthum’s former husband, Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata Batte. Their relationship was marked by lavish celebrations, including an expensive bridal shower, an introduction ceremony (kwanjula), and a glamorous wedding.

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