Mob Murder in Lira: Boda Boda Rider Lynched by Victims’ Relatives

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The territorial police in Lira-City West Division are currently investigating and actively pursuing suspects involved in a suspected case of mob murder, which resulted in the tragic death of Otim Abraham Franco, aged 32. The incident occurred on November 4, 2023, around 20:00 hours along Juba road in Lira City West Division.

As reported by the Police Public Relations Officer of North Kyoga Region, Superintendent Jimmy Patrick Okema, it is alleged that on November 4, 2023, Mr. Otim Abraham Franco (now deceased), a resident of Ogengo cell, Ireda East ward in Lira-City, was a Boda Boda rider who picked up two unidentified passengers on his motorcycle with registration number UFF 350V, a red Bajaj.

During their journey, they were involved in a road accident, resulting in injuries to the passengers. Otim, in an act of goodwill, used his motorcycle to promptly rush the victims to Beem Clinic in Lira-City for medical attention.

At the clinic, the situation took a turn when the victims’ relatives arrived and began demanding a considerable amount of money from Otim for the victims’ treatment. Unable to meet the financial demands, Otim attempted to flee to seek assistance from the police. However, the relatives of the injured individuals pursued him, raising an alarm by labeling him a thief. Subsequently, a group of unidentified people seriously beat Otim.

Upon being informed, the police arrived at the scene, retrieved Otim, and rushed him to Lira Regional Referral Hospital. Sadly, he was already in critical condition and was pronounced dead upon arrival.

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Superintendent Jimmy Patrick Okema mentioned that a case of murder has been registered at Lira-City West Division under CRB 989/2023.

Additionally, the Scene of Crime Officers (SOCO) and other police officers revisited the site. Evidence, including stones with bloodstains, cut timber, and sticks, were recovered, documented, and preserved at the scene. Postmortem analysis has been conducted.

The police are actively engaged in ongoing efforts to apprehend the suspects and bring them to justice.

Superintendent Okema condemned the barbaric nature of the incident, attributing Otim’s death to the actions of the victims’ relatives. He urged the public to avoid resorting to such primitive measures and to seek lawful solutions.

He concluded by stating that once the suspects are apprehended, they will face murder charges in a court of law.

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