Bugisu Districts Pledge Support for Inzuyamasaba Cultural Institution

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The districts within the Bugisu region, including Mbale City, Bududa, Manafwa, Namisindwa, Bulambuli, Sironko, and Mbale District local governments, along with their constituent sub-counties and municipal councils, have committed to offering a 10 million shillings honorarium to support Inzuyamasaba in managing its cultural programs.

Inzuyamasaba was established through the collaboration of local governments. The support of all sub-counties and districts was pivotal in its creation, as municipal statutes dictate that any claimant to cultural leadership should be endorsed by these governing bodies. During the institution’s formation in 2010, compliance with this requirement was crucial.

Representing Inzuyamasaba, Steven Masiga, the institution’s spokesperson, urged the Mbale District leadership to honor their pledge of funding for the cultural institution. He also commended the District leadership for allocating additional space for accommodation and office facilities for the cultural leadership.

Inzuyamasaba, an institution uniting the Bamasaaba people, was established in 2010 to promote unity and carry out cultural tasks. Over the years, the institution has seen three successive leaders: His Royal Highness Wilson Wamimbi (2010-2015), His Royal Highness Sir Bob Mushikor (2015-2020), and His Royal Highness Jude Mike Mudoma (2023-2028).

The Bududa LCV Chairman expressed readiness to fund the cultural leadership, noting that once a formal request is made, the Community Development Department will be directed to handle the payments. This sentiment was echoed by the Manafwa LCV Chairman, Mr. Kigai Kimono, who also serves as the chairman of all chairpersons in the Bugisu region.

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The collective revenue anticipated from these local governments is expected to exceed 300 million shillings per year. Each district has pledged 10 million shillings annually, while approximately 200 sub-counties in the region are expected to contribute 1 million shillings per year.

The revenue from these local governments will aid the cultural institution in fulfilling various commitments to the people of Masaabaland. These commitments include providing scholarships to deserving students, family planning guidance, tips on local development projects, as well as supporting traditional Imbalu ceremonies.

The writer of this piece serves as the spokesperson for Inzuyamasaba and is a researcher from the Bugisu region. Contact: 0706655811.

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