Minakulu Sub-county Highlighted as High-Risk Area for Crimes in Oyam

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A report released by security operatives in Oyam district reveals that Minakulu Sub-county has the highest rate of criminal cases in the region.

This revelation follows a surge in house break-ins, motorcycle theft, cases of rape, and incidents of waylaying people at night. Over 10 cases were reported within a month at Oyam Central Police Station (CPS).

Simon Ayela, the Chairperson of the LC3 in Minakulu Sub-county, Oyam district, who also oversees security in the area, confirmed the report. He asserts that the absence of a police station in Minakulu Sub-county has allowed perpetrators to roam freely. Additionally, Minakulu Sub-county shares a border with Murchison National Park, providing a hideout for criminal gangs.

Ayela notes that individuals from various districts in Northern and Central Uganda move to Minakulu Sub-county for farming activities. These individuals possess diverse characteristics, contributing to the current security situation. At present, law enforcement is sourced from Myene Sub-county and Minakulu Town Council, both situated 10 kilometers away from Minakulu Sub-county.

However, Innocent Mubangazi, the District Police Commander (DPC) in Oyam district, also confirmed the report. He highlighted the manpower shortage, expressing that the police force at CPS Oyam is insufficient to open a new police post.

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Mubangazi raised concerns about community behavior, stating that Minakulu Sub-county requires over 10 police officers to effectively manage the area. He assured that they are exploring all possible avenues to address this shortage.

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