Parents in Gulu District Rally Against Street Gangs, Cite Lack of Guidance

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Deputy RDC Okidi Takes Swift Action to Combat Street Gangs in Latwong Village
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On Friday, January 12th, 2024, a section of parents in Latwong village, Paduny Parish, Gulu District, expressed concerns about rising street gang activity. The meeting, organized by Deputy RDC Mr. Cosmas James Okidi, aimed to:

  • Address community policing: Strengthen local security measures.
  • Mobilize for government projects: Increase awareness and participation in government initiatives.
  • Combat street gangs: Tackle the growing problem of youth delinquency.

Following a tip from the local council about rampant street gangs, Deputy RDC Okidi called the community meeting. He proposed establishing vigilante groups to deter crime.

Several parents blamed the crime surge on a lack of parental guidance, particularly in cases where children had lost one or both parents. However, Deputy RDC Okidi strongly disagreed. “Death of parents cannot justify committing crimes,” he emphasized. “We have clans, relatives, and fertile land for income generation. There’s no excuse for thuggery.”

He assured the community that crime would no longer be tolerated in Latwong village, stating, “Let today, January 12th, mark the end of street gangs. I would rather be here promoting government programs than addressing this issue.”

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Deputy RDC Okidi highlighted the numerous income-generating initiatives launched by President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s government. These programs, ranging from the Parish Development Model (PDM) to the Youth Livelihoods Project and disability grants, aim to empower Ugandans and integrate them into the money economy.

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