Patrol Police Intercept Suspects with Dangerous Weapon in Ntinda

Luke Owoyesigire - Police Investigate Fatal Stabbing of Woman in Nabweru
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Kampala Metropolitan Police recently initiated an investigation into the potential criminal activities of two adult male suspects who were apprehended while in possession of a sharp and deadly weapon during a routine police patrol in the city.

The suspects in question are Sukura Onganyi, a 19-year-old, and Derick Kamira, aged 23. They came under police scrutiny when they were intercepted by law enforcement officers on a Tuesday night patrol. Upon conducting a search, it was revealed that Kamira had a sharp new panga (a type of machete) in his possession, raising concerns about their potential criminal intentions.

Luke Owoyesigyire, the Deputy Spokesperson for Kampala Metropolitan Police, reported that the patrol leading to the arrest of these two suspects was conducted under the leadership of Sergeant Joshua Isabirye. This initiative was aimed at addressing suspected criminal activities within the Sempagala Zone of Ntinda, Kampala.

According to Owoyesigyire, the encounter took place when Sergeant Isabirye and his team came across three individuals riding a motorcycle with registration number UFX 639Y. As soon as the individuals spotted the police officers, they attempted to evade capture and fled the scene, resulting in a collision with police motorcycles and causing injuries to both the riders and their crew.

The pursuit of the suspects continued until they ultimately crashed near Abed Bwanika’s church, leading to their capture and the discovery of critical information, as stated by Owoyesigyire.

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It is worth noting that the motorcycle’s rider managed to escape the scene, and an ongoing police search is in progress to locate and apprehend the fleeing individual. The motorcycle and the panga have been secured as evidence, with police initiating further investigations into the matter.

The police also revealed their intention to extend the investigations to the residential homes of the suspects in an effort to ascertain their criminal intentions within the area.

The injured suspects are currently receiving medical treatment at China Hospital Naguru, under police supervision. Subsequently, they will be presented in court to face charges related to the possession of a deadly weapon, among other possible charges.

Law enforcement authorities have pledged to continue their comprehensive operations and investigations to ensure the prosecution of criminals, particularly those found in possession of dangerous weapons. Luke Owoyesigyire emphasized, “These measures are designed to minimize such incidents in our work areas. The Kampala Metropolitan Police remains committed to ensuring the safety and security of the community. We will continue our inquiries into this incident and keep the public informed of any developments.”

In a similar operation conducted in June of the same year, the police arrested at least five suspected criminals in Makindye who were found in possession of several incriminating items, including machetes, facemasks, and cutters, among others.

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