Police Investigate Musician Alien Skin in Bajjo Incident

police investigate musician alien skin in bajjo incident
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Katwe Police in Kampala are actively investigating a case involving the alleged malicious damage caused by sensational Ugandan musician Patrick Mulwana, who is widely recognized as Alien Skin. The investigation stems from an altercation that took place at events promoter Andrew Mukasa’s car washing facility in Kirudu zone, Luwafu Parish, Makindye Division, where Mr. Mukasa, commonly known as Bajjo, was reportedly targeted by a group of individuals, purportedly led by Mr. Mulwana.

The incident unfolded on a Tuesday, during which an attempt was made to assault Mr. Mukasa by Alien Skin’s group. In a turn of events, Mr. Mukasa managed to fend off the assault by utilizing pepper spray. However, during the course of their escape, a collision occurred that resulted in damage to Mr. Bajjo’s car. This incident escalated further when a confrontation ensued between Mr. Vincent Okalebo, a security guard from Caltec Security Company, and Alien Skin’s group. The security guard resorted to discharging his firearm, leading to additional damage to the vehicle.

This development prompted the intervention of the Kampala Metropolitan Police, with Deputy Spokesperson ASP Luke Owoyesigyire providing information about the incident. The incident revolves around the malicious damage caused to Mr. Bajjo’s car, which bears the registration plate UBK 123C. The aftermath of the altercation and shooting incident has prompted ongoing police investigations into the matter.

To maintain the peace and safety of the community, the police are now in pursuit of Alien Skin and his associates, urging them to refrain from using violence and creating disturbances that disrupt the peace of others. The incident has attracted public attention and concern regarding the need for maintaining law and order in the community.

Here is a summary of the key details in the case:

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Date of Incident Location Individuals Involved Damage
Tuesday Kirudu zone, Luwafu Parish, Makindye Division Alien Skin (Patrick Mulwana), Bajjo (Andrew Mukasa) Malicious damage to Bajjo’s car
Vincent Okalebo (Security Guard) Shooting incident causing car damage
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