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Stolen Items Recovered in Police Raid on Lyantonde Shop

Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Police in Lyantonde District took action on Monday, October 2, 2023, by raiding a shop that specializes in selling electronic appliances. They confiscated a variety of items, which are estimated to be worth a substantial amount of money.

The shop in question is located on Kooki Road in Lyantonde Town Council, Lyantonde District. Police have conducted preliminary investigations, revealing that the seized items, including CCTV cameras, computer monitors, printers, speakers, generators, microphones, and more, were reported stolen from the districts of Lyantonde and Kiruhura.

According to Mr. Douglas Kiwanuka, the officer in charge of Lyantonde Police Station, this operation was prompted by numerous reports from individuals who had reported the loss of their property due to theft. In Kiruhura, one resident reported missing hair salon equipment, while the management of Nyakahita Church of Uganda reported the disappearance of a public address system. Both suspects involved in these cases are currently in police custody.

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Mr. Kiwanuka stated that the shop owner knowingly purchased these stolen items. He added that there is information suggesting that some of the stolen items originated from Kyazanga, Mbirizi, and Sanga.

Mr. Emmanuel Sagala, the chairperson of Cell III on Kooki Road, revealed that the detained shop owner had a network of individuals he referred to as his “agents,” who were involved in theft-related activities.

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