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Bamasaaba Leaders Recognized for Support Towards Cultural Institution

Wednesday, February 7, 2024

In ascending to power, the Umukuka III of Bamasaaba was supported by Bamasaaba from all corners of Masaaba, both in Kenya and Uganda. Today, The Ankole Times is honored to profile such persons for their financial and fraternal support towards the cultural institution. Those who supported the leadership of Umukuka III are Bamasaaba both by birth and marriage.

Sr. Mary Wasagali, she is the Vice Chairperson of NRM Sironko and now a member of the Equal Opportunities Commission. Sr. Wasagali was instrumental in approaching the government to expedite the gazetting of the cultural leader because it was becoming a source of insecurity in the region. She also financially supported many activities in the cultural institution, especially during the days when we were in the cultural trenches clamoring for gazette.

Prof. Florence Wakoko, she is an American academic but of Ugandan (Bumasaaba) origin. She has played a supportive role in the cultural institution, including training of Imbalu committee members where she extended some financial support.

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Hon. Ritah Namuwenge, she is the EMYOOGA National Coordinator. She mobilized every office of the government to ensure that the gazetting of Umukuka is not compromised.

Hon. Irene Muloni, she has been a strong supporter of the cultural institution, always extending a financial hand whenever approached.

Hon. Irene Manghali, former Deputy RDC of Manafwa, she was recently appointed by the cultural leader as his Commissioner for Mobilization. She has been a very useful bridge, especially to our brothers and sisters across River Lwakhakha.

Sarah Kisoro, we have worked closely with Sarah on issues regarding the gazetting of the cultural leader, including mobilizing Bamasaaba in Buganda. Sarah has also been funding the cultural institution, and her efforts have been very important.

Hon. Lydia Wanyoto, she made a contribution towards the coronation of the cultural leader as a sign of solidarity to her cultural leader.

Hon. Gorret Kitutu, she strongly supported the institution recently during the coronation, where she made both personal and official contributions on behalf of her Karamoja ministry.

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Mrs. Andrew Khaukha, she is a judge in the High Court of Uganda and married to Professor Andrew of State House Anticorruption Unit (SHACU). They provided a reasonable quantity of water during the Imbalu committee training in 2022.

Hon. Justine Khainza, she has been mobilizing women in Bududa to strongly identify with the Inzu Yamasaba leadership.

Dorcas Wokalanyi, she is the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Lands and recently supported the cultural institution during the coronation, where Hon. Lydia Wanyoto delivered her contribution to the cultural leader to help meet the administrative costs of the cultural institution.

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Justice Mutonyi of the High Court of Uganda, she has been supportive of the cultural institution and contributed heavily towards the coronation ceremony.

Hon. Miriam Mukhaye, she is the Member of Parliament for Mbale District. She recently organized the Wanale clan, and Umukuka III Jude Mike Mudoma was given a resounding welcome at the Bungokho County headquarters. The Wanale clan donated a bull to the cultural leader on top of other cultural souvenirs and regalia.

Dr. Wache organized Bungoma and gave Umukuka a resounding welcome when he visited Kenya last year.

Priscilla Mungoma, while Father Dr. Mungoma, formerly of UCU Mbale Campus, chose to relocate to the USA when the cultural institution was embroiled in conflicts, Miss Priscilla chose to relocate to Uganda to help the cultural institution function. Recently, Umukuka made her in charge of museums as recognition of her efforts. She was among those who accompanied the cultural leader to Europe in November last year.

The Umukuka of Bamasaaba therefore encourages Bamasaaba daughters to take cues from the above-listed persons and pay keen interest in the affairs of the cultural institution. At an appropriate time, we shall recognize many of them with cultural medals, emphasizes His Highness Jude Mike Mudoma, Steven Masiga, spokesperson of Inzu Yamasaba.

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