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Buganda Presents New Demands to NRM Government

Thursday, October 26, 2023

Buganda Kingdom recently presented a set of fresh demands to the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party, emphasizing the importance of collaborative efforts between the kingdom and the central government to enhance the well-being of the general populace. This development emerged following a closed-door meeting between Katikkiro (premier) Charles Peter Mayiga and NRM Secretary General Richard Todwong.

During the meeting, Mayiga highlighted the significance of leaders coming together to strategize for the benefit of their citizens. He expressed the kingdom’s interest in specific government programs, such as youth empowerment, poverty reduction, public health, and innovation.

One of the central concerns raised by Mayiga was the need for skills development among the youth to address unemployment issues. The kingdom is engaged in a poverty alleviation initiative known as “Emwanyi terimba,” focused on promoting coffee farming. Mayiga urged the government to support farmers, particularly those in remote areas, and encouraged stakeholders to participate in this effort.

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Additionally, the premier discussed the kingdom’s commitment to health promotion, especially in the context of HIV/AIDS prevention. He acknowledged the collaborative work with the government in this area, including the Kabaka of Buganda’s role as a UNAIDS ambassador. He also commended the government’s distribution of free mosquito nets as part of the malaria control campaign.

Mayiga emphasized the importance of leaders meeting to discuss problems and exchange ideas, highlighting that challenges can often appear less daunting when addressed collectively. NRM Secretary General Richard Todwong echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the value of engaging with various leaders and institutions to plan for the country’s development.

Todwong stressed the need for collaboration among cultural institutions, religion, and the government, likening them to three essential cooking stones that must work in unison to serve the public’s interests. He reaffirmed that the central government and Buganda Kingdom are not adversaries and encouraged consultation and idea-sharing on various issues.

Regarding the long-standing demand for a federal system, Todwong explained that the government is currently in discussions about improving the decentralization system and considering potential mergers of sectors in sub-regions or specific areas. He clarified that while the matter is still under deliberation, the government will make a formal decision on the federal system in due course.

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