Archbishop Calls for Peace and Responsible Celebration During Christmas

ugandan archbishop calls for peace and responsible celebration during christmas
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The Archbishop of the Church of Uganda (COU), Dr. Stephen Kaziimba Mugalu, delivered a message urging Ugandans to embrace peace within themselves and their families during the Christmas festival. Speaking at a Christmas Carols service held at the Vision Group headquarters in Kampala, Kaziimba emphasized the significance of having peace with God, oneself, and others, highlighting the belief that the savior born on Christmas is a “prince of peace.”

Kaziimba, the main celebrant at the event, reminded attendees that Christmas is a day of salvation, encouraging responsible celebrations and a spirit of love among people. He advised against succumbing to societal pressures, stating, “You do not have to follow everything; you will get pressure and go to heaven prematurely.”

The Archbishop urged Ugandans to live within their means and accept their conditions and situations gracefully. He emphasized the importance of maintaining inner peace, stating, “If you have peace within you, the rest of the people around you will also have peace.”

Addressing the festive gathering, Kaziimba advised against unnecessary conflicts, suggesting gratitude for life’s circumstances. He reassured, “If a man or woman disappoints you, just thank God for letting him or her go. The best is always ahead. You do not need to visit witchdoctors; God is the best witchdoctor.”

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The Christmas Carols service featured choirs from various institutions, including St Charles Lwanga, Holy Uganda Martyrs Namugongo, All Saints, St Stephen Kireka, Elite Crescendo, and Christian Discipleship Ministries. The Vision Group Choir impressed attendees with their performance of the hymn “Joy to the World.”

Gervase Ndyanabo, the Vision Group Deputy Managing Director, commended the high standards of concert-artistry exhibited by the choirs, noting that they delivered the message of Christmas – the importance of love – to millions of Ugandans. Don Wanyama, the Vision Group Managing Director, pledged the organization’s commitment to offering hope to Ugandans by adhering to truth and values.

In closing, Wanyama expressed his appreciation for the Christmas celebration, reflecting on his own past participation in a village church choir during the holiday season. He affirmed Vision Group’s dedication to upholding family, faith, and morality, promising to continue providing hope to the people of Uganda.

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