Soroti Diocese Adds Seventh Catholic Parish in Katakwi

soroti diocese adds seventh catholic parish in katakwi
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Soroti Diocese Expands Services with the Inauguration of St. Peter Claver Catholic Parish-Ongongoja

The Soroti Catholic Diocese took a significant step on Sunday as it officially opened St. Peter Claver Catholic Parish-Ongongoja, marking the establishment of the seventh Catholic parish in Katakwi district. The creation of this new parish involved carving out a section from St. Ann’s Catholic Parish in Usuk.

Rev. Dr. Joseph Eciru Oliach, the Bishop of Soroti Diocese, explained that the decision to create the new parish was based on the pastoral and administrative needs of the growing Usuk region. He officially declared the establishment of the new parish in accordance with the church’s laws and bestowed upon it the title of St. Peter Claver Catholic Parish-Ongongoja.

Details Information
New Parish St. Peter Claver Catholic Parish-Ongongoja
Parent Parish St. Ann’s Catholic Parish Usuk
Establishment Seventh Catholic Parish in Katakwi District

Bishop Eciru highlighted that St. Peter Claver Catholic Parish would adhere to the norms of universal and pastoral law, constituting a parish pastoral council and finance council.

The sanctification ceremony included the consecration and installation of Rev. Fr. Edmund Anyutu as the pioneer parish priest. The event was graced by the presence of Vice President Maj. (Rtd) Jessica Alupo, who also serves as the Woman Member of Parliament for Katakwi district.

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Dignitaries Present Remarks
Vice President Alupo Congratulated Christians and praised the choice of the parish name
Rose Lily Akello Minister in charge of Ethics and Integrity
Usuk County MP Bosco Okiror Expressed gratitude for local contributions
Toroma County MP Joseph Andrew Koluo Recognized the importance of the new parish


Vice President Alupo commended the residents who generously offered their land for the construction of the church mission, expressing gratitude for their contributions of cows, hens, goats, and food.

In her address, Alupo urged locals to actively participate in the seven sacraments and encouraged parents to consider technical schools for their children. She praised the efforts of security organs in maintaining peace in the region and called on church leaders to emphasize the parish development model.

Additionally, Alupo acknowledged the family of Epel George William for their contributions, which included a cow for Bishop Eciru and a heifer for the new parish priest, Rev. Fr. Anyutu.

The Vice President concluded by extending thanks to Pope Francis for appointing Bishop Eciru to head Soroti Diocese and requested the prelate to convey their greetings to the Pope.

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