Darkness Fuels Crime in Oyam Town, Business Community Demands Streetlights

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Oyam Town
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The business community and local residents in Oyam Town Council, Oyam District, are demanding the installation of solar streetlights in the town as a way of reducing crimes at night.

Juspher Okello, a resident of Oyam Upper Cell, Oyam Town Council, says the lack of streetlights in Oyam Town is contributing to criminal activities. Thieves take advantage of the darkness to break into shops at night and ambush people in poorly lit areas on the streets.

Stalon Olong, the Chairperson of Oyam Town Council Business Community, emphasizes the urgent need for streetlights in Oyam Town. He mentions that they have been consistently requesting the installation of solar streetlights from the town council authorities, but their requests have not been addressed.

In their appeal, they specifically requested the installation of solar streetlights covering half a kilometer in two streets within the business town center of Oyam Town where incidents of house break-ins are common.

Stephen Okello, the Chairperson of LC3 Oyam Town Council, acknowledges that the request for solar streetlights was an important matter raised by the council. However, the challenge of insufficient funds is hindering the timely installation of solar streetlights, jeopardizing the provision of services to the community.

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