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Deputy RCC of Rubaga Division Hands Over Office

Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Mr. Herbert Anderson Burora, former Deputy Resident City Commissioner (RCC) of Rubaga Division, formally handed over his office to Ms. Doreen Keita, his successor and former colleague. This transition occurred amidst Mr. Burora’s suspension and raised concerns about adherence to public service regulations and the handling of corruption allegations.

During the handover ceremony, Mr. Burora surrendered various official items, including government vehicle keys, office access, and files related to the Parish Development Model (PDM). Ms. Keita, appointed as the caretaker of the Rubaga Division deputy RCC office, received these instruments of power, signaling the commencement of her interim role.

Mr. Burora’s suspension stemmed from his criticism of the Speaker of Parliament, Ms. Anita Annet Among, regarding alleged corruption within Parliament. A letter dated March 14 from Mr. Yunus Kakande, the secretary to the Office of the President, cited Mr. Burora’s actions as contrary to the Uganda Public Service Standing Orders (2021). Additionally, Mr. Burora was reprimanded for persistently making statements on social media despite official advice against it.

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In a prior interview, Mr. Burora revealed his disagreement with Mr. Kakande’s approach to addressing corruption, advocating for transparent criticism of individuals implicated in corrupt practices. He also disclosed his refusal to apologize to Speaker Among, a directive he contested.

During his handover speech, Mr. Burora expressed gratitude to President Museveni for the opportunity to serve the people. Despite his suspension, he affirmed his decision and reiterated his commitment to fighting corruption and upholding integrity. He urged his successor to maintain these values while acknowledging that his actions may have caused discomfort to some individuals.

Furthermore, Mr. Burora called upon members of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) to boldly address issues affecting citizens, particularly corruption, to ensure electoral success. He emphasized the importance of leadership in combatting corruption and engaging with the public to address their concerns effectively.

Mr. Burora announced plans to hold a press conference to discuss what he termed “The 11th Parliament loot,” indicating his determination to address corruption allegations publicly. Currently serving a 28-day suspension starting from March 15, he is expected to appear before the Rewards and Sanction Committee in the Office of the President to defend his actions.

In her acceptance speech, Ms. Keita emphasized the importance of teamwork in navigating her responsibilities between the Central and Rubaga Deputy RCC offices. She pledged to maintain continuity and collaboration in the pursuit of shared goals.

The handover event witnessed the presence of various stakeholders, including Ghetto youth from Rubaga Division and members of the security committee, including Kampala Resident City Commissioner, Ms. Aminah Lukanga.

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