Deputy RDC Identifies Vigilantes to Curb Rampant Killings in Gulu

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Deputy RDC James Cosmas Okidi addressing the people in Coopil about the vigilante.
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The continued rampant killing of locals in Coopil village, Unyama sub-county, Gulu district, has prompted the office of the Deputy Resident District Commissioner, Mr. Cosmas James Okidi, to assemble a team of village vigilantes to help suppress the rampant murder of people in Unyama sub-county.

“I decided to convene this meeting here in Coopil village following the constant killing of people in the area, in which we lost over four people within only five months. The most recent murder was the death of an 11-year-old girl, Agenorwot Angel, who was killed by one Lubangakene Richard using an axe. He claimed he committed the crime due to the influence of opium/marijuana. Others who have met a similar fate include Akena Galdino, killed by his son, Anthony Opwa, also killed by his son, and Oola James, who was found dead. All of these incidents occurred within a five to six-month period, compelling me to form this vigilante group,” Cosmas James revealed.

All these killings are associated with opium/marijuana and land sales.

“As we are all aware, the police force is thinly spread, with Gulu district having only 59 police personnel. Therefore, the formation of this vigilante group will strengthen the police’s efforts in fighting criminality within their jurisdiction,” Deputy RDC added. The Deputy RDC also reiterated the recent Presidential address on security and the first Quota Zoom meeting by Honorable Minister for Presidency, Milly Babalanda, where they emphasized security consciousness and alertness in maintaining peace and security in the area. “Let’s have all visitors registered and report any strangers to the relevant authorities for action,” said Cosmas while addressing the meeting.

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However, according to Okidi, the Office of the RDC is mandated to preserve peace and order, and he stated that they are ready to combat any behaviors likely to disrupt people’s well-being.

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