Kabale Government School on the Brink of Collapse

Kabale government school in ruins
Murungu Public Primary School in Kabale District Struggles with Staffing and Infrastructure Woes
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Murungu Public Primary School in Kabale District, Uganda, is facing a severe shortage of teachers and infrastructure challenges. The school, which relies on government assistance, operates with only five teachers on the government payroll, including the head teacher. The school’s semi-permanent structures, constructed 23 years ago by dedicated parents using mud and wattle, are now unfit for the education of its young learners.

The school’s infrastructure woes have prompted the government to address only the most pressing needs, resulting in the construction of a meager five-stance pit latrine for both pupils and teachers. The head teacher’s house also doubles as a staff room, highlighting the dire need for improved facilities.

The Parents Teachers Association, led by Mr. Robert Kamugisha, initiated efforts to construct four permanent classrooms. However, due to financial constraints, the project remains incomplete, with only the walls standing. Kabale District local government recently provided 40 iron sheets, which were used to roof just two classrooms. With the rainy season upon them, there’s a real risk of classrooms being washed away, necessitating approximately 70 more iron sheets to secure the structure.

During the second term holidays, heavy rains led to the collapse of the building housing Primary One and Primary Two pupils, further exacerbating the school’s precarious situation.

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The school’s head teacher, Mr. Titus Keinika, has emphasized the urgent need to increase the number of teachers from five to at least ten to accommodate the planned Primary Seven class and nursery section. The school also grapples with a lack of clean drinking water, making solar lighting essential during dark, rainy seasons. Additionally, there’s a shortage of staff houses, forcing teachers to live far from the school premises, and there’s no dedicated playground for co-curricular activities.

In a glimmer of hope, the Kabale District Council recently passed a resolution to construct a four-classroom block at Murungu Public Primary School and allocate funds for other necessary developments during the 2024/2025 Financial Year. This initiative comes after Mr. Kenneth Twijikye, the district councillor for Rubaya Sub-county, presented the sorry state of the school to the council earlier this month.

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